Lommy Personal

The Lommy Personal is a robust personal tracker featuring a high sensitivity omni-directional antenna for excellent GPS reception.

The internal battery is large and will ensure long operating times between charges.

At a glance

  1. High sensitivity GPS receiver
  2. Tri-band GPS / GPRS
  3. Choice of button configurations
  4. Waterproof.
Display No
Voice calls Yes
Text messaging No
Accelerometer g-Sensor (optional)
Motion detection Optional
Buttons Panic, 2 user-configurable (optional)
Communications GPRS, SMS
Bluetooth No
Configuration Over-The-Air via GPRS, SMS, Serial
Firmware updates Serial
Physical characteristics
Size 90 mm x 61 mm x 23 mm
Weight  99 g
Charging Via USB
LED indicators Power, GSM status, GPS status
Vibration No
IP rating IP54
Certification CE