Falcom Mambo2

The Falcom Mambo2 is a highly customisable personal tracking device running a Maptex designed script.

A full colour OLED screen and wide range of peripherals makes this a good choice for business users. The unit offers a fully customisable script engine which allows Maptex to completely control the reporting cycle and detail.

We have options to detect both man down (high force) and dead man (lack of movement in a set time period).

At a glance

  1. High sensitivity A-GPS u-Blox 6 receiver
  2. Quad-band GSM / GPRS
  3. Colour OLED display
  4. Motion sensor
  5. Vibration feedback
  6. Full voice call functionality.


Display Yes - colour OLED
Voice calls Yes
Text messaging Yes
Accelerometer Yes - man down detection
Motion detection  Yes - dead man detection
Buttons 2 context-sensitive buttons and one 5-way joystick
Communications GPRS, SMS
Bluetooth Yes (Optional)
Configuration Over-The-Air via GPRS
Firmware updates Over-The-Air via GPRS, Serial
Physical characteristics
Size 86 (103) mm x 54 mm x 26 mm
Weight 108 g
Charging Via USB connector or optional desk / car charger
LED indicators No
Vibration Yes
IP rating Optional
Certification FCC