What Makes Us Different

There are many different fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions in the market, so what makes ours different? We've put together the following list which we believe answers this question. Whilst other service providers may be able to provide one or two things on this list, we provide them all.

Easy To Use

The feedback we receive most often from our customers is how easy it is to use the service. Aside from the positive benefits this delivers for end users, this also reduces training and support costs for our resellers.

Active Addressing

Many tracking services only allow vehicle location and history to be viewed on a map. Our service converts every location into a meaningful address as soon as we receive the information from the device. This allows us to provide detailed reports as well as informative text in our alerts.

Extensive Mapping

We can provide street-level Navteq mapping data for a wide range of countries across the globe. The mapping data is used both for reverse geocoding and our standard map display.

For those areas not covered by the Navteq data we can provide other 3rd party data or even load customer-supplied data.

Regular Enhancements

New features and enhancements are added regularly, with many based on feedback and requests from our users. A "feature request" facility is embedded within the system to encourage such feedback from our user community.

Hardware Compatibility

We support an unparalleled range of devices, and the list is growing all the time. As we don't get involved in the hardware supply chain we don't introduce unnecessary cost, which allows our resellers greater flexibility with their pricing.


The inherent flexibility in our platform not only means we continually add new features and support additional hardware, but it also enables us to tailor the system for a variety of specialist markets.