Road Sweepers

Suitable for all types of Road Sweepers as an aftermarket option, working with our standard range of tracking equipment. Currently in use by various Local Government departments.

After Market Installation

Our road sweeper option is designed to work with a variety of tracking units that provide a range of digital inputs which can report promptly on change of state.

Suitable units include:

  • AT100
     Where space is at a premium
  • T6 Premium
     Where multiple functions are required
  • T100
     Where a rugged waterproof device is required
  • FM4200
     Where multiple functions are required


In addition to the normal suite of fleet management functions and reports, a special I/O report details sweeping operations:

Events typically tagged are:

  1. Belly brush on
  2. Side brush

The report allows comparison of brush utilisation to see if the more expensive belly brush is needlessly being used.

The same data can also be plotted on a map using our I/O map facility.