Many of our clients are in the healthcare or emergency services markets. Some of these clients require specific monitoring of vehicle states which utilise our comprehensive reporting facilities.

Blue Light Logging

Our fleet overview screen can be configured to display the vehicle state (in journey, idling, stationary etc) with the addition of a "blue light" state for the emergency services.

This state is fed from a digital input on a suitable tracking units that provide a range of digital inputs which can report promptly on change of state.

Suitable units include:


In addition to the normal suite of fleet management functions and reports, a special I/O report details blue light usage is available. This report details when and where the light was switched on and off. It also includes the standard journey metrics (maximum speed, idling time etc).

The I/O Map facility can also be used to display where on the map the light was activated. This is useful in seeing where the vehicle drove on an emergency call.