Asset Tracking

We provide all the features you'd expect from an asset tracking service, including street-level mapping, comprehensive reporting, and flexible alerts.

Theft Detection

Assets typically remain on site for a prolonged time period. Consequently, managers wish to know when the device is removed, usually as a result of theft.

Our geofencing functionality combined with either SMS or eMail alerts can be used to alert when an asset has been potentially stolen.

Location History

Assets can be moved from site to site and managers can have difficulty keeping up with the current inventory location.

Our location report can be used to record when an asset first entered a site and when it subsequently left.

Runtime Monitoring

Our service provides tools to aid in the remote monitoring of scenarios such as fuel levels on compressors or generators.

One example is where a tracker is connected to a fuel sensor. This sensor is then configured to send an SMS alert when the unit has only 15% fuel remaining.

Compatible Hardware

Important features for asset tracking hardware are internal batteries and antenna. Suitable hardware is often also supplied in a waterproof enclosure. We support the following hardware that's suitable for asset tracking:

  1. QinetiQ S100
    Pocket-sized, short-term tracking, GPRS-based. External power options.
  2. QinetiQ T100
    Rugged case, medium-term tracking, GPRS-based. External power options.
  3. Wireless Links Piccolo AT
    Medium-term tracking, GPRS-based.
  4. Globalstar SmartOne
    Extremely long-term tracking, satellite-based. External power options.