Real-time Alerts

Alerts are used to notify when key events occur, such as device moving in or out of a geofence, or a digital or analog input moving outside of preset thresholds.

Users are notified of current alerts whilst accessing the system, however notifications can also be sent via e-mail and as SMS messages.

Geofence Alerts

As well as standard alerts generated when a device enters or leaves a geofence, we also support more advanced capabilities that overcome problems often seen in competing solutions.

One example is the enter and stop alert, which only triggers if a device enters a geofence and then stops inside it. This helps to prevent misleading alerts being raised when a device passes through a geofence that spans a major road.

Analog I/O Alerts

Alerts can be configured for any analog readings supported by a device, such as speed, battery level, or temperature. Alerts can be set to trigger when the reading passes above or below a particular level.

Digital I/O Alerts

As with analogs, alerts can also be configured for any digital readings provided by a device. Digital alerts are often used for events such as panic buttons being pressed, a vehicle alert being activated, or a journey commencing.

Three types of digital alert trigger are supported:

  1. On to Off
  2. Off to On
  3. Change of state