Garmin® Fleet Management Interface

The service supports both version 1 and version 2 of the Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI), and we are committed to supported future revisions of the protocol when they are released.

Supporting the FMI protocol allows Garmin personal navigation devices (PNDs or sat-navs) to be linked into the service. By enabling several key features this permits a more interactive experience for both service users and drivers.

Stop Management

The stop management functionality allows service users to send one or more stops out to a Garmin PND. The driver is alerts on the PND when a new stop is transmitted and if multiple stops are transmitted they are shown in a list on the PND.

It's also possible for a service user to optimise the order of the stops so that the most efficient route is taken by the driver. As each stop is visited the status of the stop is updated automatically on the service.

Progress to Destination

Service users can monitor the progress of a vehicle to a destination or stop via an estimated time of arrival (ETA). The service allows an ETA to be requested at any time, or alternatively the ETA can be automatically updated at regular intervals.

Bi-Directional Messaging

The Garmin FMI protocl supports bi-directional messaging between the service and the device. A set of canned or quick messages for drivers to send from the PND can also be configured via the service. This makes it much easier for a driver to messages back to base without having the enter them via the on-screen keyboard.

Driver Identification and Status

Drivers can identify themselves via the PND. This functionality is fully integrated with the standard driver ID functionality in the service allowing reports to be generated, etc.

The Garmin device also allows the driver to set their current status, for example when taking a break, which could allow a service user to understand why a vehicle isn't moving.

Compatible Hardware

The following hardware is compatible with the Garmin FMI functionality in the service:

The following hardware implements Garmin FMI at the hardware level, therefore offering reduced communication charges: