Fuel Monitoring

Fuel consumption and fuel theft is becoming an increasing problem for companies due to recent and ongoing increases in fuel costs. Consequently organisations are now looking to monitor and reduce fuel usage, and also limit fuel theft.

Our service is able to monitor fuel using either CANbus data, or fuel probes inserted directly into the fuel tanks.

Fuel Theft

Fuel theft often occurs in one of two ways; either during the normal refuelling process or whilst the vehicle is left unattended.

Refuelling Fuel Theft

Refuelling fuel theft can occur when a driver also fills up a secondary vehicle or fuel cans at the same time as they are refuelling their own vehicle. This causes a discrepancy between the amount of fuel being paid for by the business owner, and the amount of fuel actually being used for business purposes.

Using a fuel probe directly inserted into the fuel tank (or tanks), our service can accurately measure the amount of fuel present when the vehicle stopped and the amount present after refuelling. The refuelling level is automatically recorded on our standard fuel overview display:

The information can also be downloaded as a report, along with location information showing where the refuelling took place.

Unattended Fuel Theft

When a vehicle is left unattended, fuel can be siphoned from the tank without the driver being aware. Using the data from the fuel probe, the service can detect when the volume of fuel in the tank (or tanks) drops by a certain amount within a period of time, indicating possible fuel theft. This information can be used to promptly generate an alert using the standard alerting functionality in the service.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel usage can be measured using either a fuel probe in combination with distance travelled calculated from the GPS, or directly from the vehicle CANbus via a Fleet Management Systems (FMS) interface.

This information is available in a number of reports on the service.