Driver Identification

Individual vehicles are often used by several different drivers, so it becomes important to identify who is actually driving a vehicle at a particular time.

Our driver identification functionality allows drivers to easily register themselves with a vehicle before setting off, allowing their details to be automatically associated with the forthcoming journey.

The method of registration depends upon the capabilities of the tracking hardware, with the most popular method simply requiring the driver to tap a connector with a Dallas key.

Photo of Dallas keys

Cost Reduction

With ever increasing running costs, it's important that each vehicle is operated efficiently to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Our service is able to identify vehicles that are subjected to harsh braking, which may place undue wear on brake pads, as well as excessive acceleration which can have a significant effect on fuel consumption.


Maximum speeds are recorded for every journey, and the system is able to raise an alert in real time when excessive speeds are reached. Historical reporting can also help identify patterns of persistent high speeds, which can facilite driver education or allow other corrective measures to be introduced.

Compatible Hardware

Driver identification is supported by the following hardware: