Mapping Data Suppliers

Our mapping solution uses mapping data from a number of different sources.

Navteq® Street Level Coverage

We currently have street-level mappping derived from Navteq data for Europe, the Middle East, North America, and other major countries in South America, Asia and Australasia. Our Navteq® datasets are typically updated with the latest data at least once a year.

Microsoft® Bing Maps for Enterprise™

We also offer integration with the Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise platform (formerly known as Virtual Earth™). This provides global coverage and both aerial and birdseye photography in addition to raster-based street mapping.

Microsoft are continually enhancing the Bing Maps for Enterprise platform, both technically and in the level and detail of the maps themselves, with many terabytes of new imagery typically added every month.

Google® Maps API for Business

We also offer support for the Google Maps API for Business platform. This provides global coverage and aerial imagery in addition to raster-based street mapping.

Ordnance Survey®

Maptex are an Ordnance Survey Partner, and use Code-Point® to provide highly accurate postcode information within the United Kingdom.

Tele Atlas® Street Level Coverage

We are also able to source street-level mapping data from Tele Atlas, which is derived from their MultiNet® product.

The Tele Atlas data is integrated in a similar way to the Navteq data, so the appearance of the maps is consistent, irrespective of the source.

Bespoke Data

We can utilise bespoke mapping data provided by customers if required. This can improve coverage in countries where standard commercial data doesn't offer sufficient detail, or additional information such as property boundaries are required.