Enfora MT4100

The Enfora MT4100 is a small but powerful low cost GPS tracking device aimed at the general tracking market .

The unit offers a fully customisable script engine which allows Maptex to completely control the reporting cycle and detail. With various scripts available, we are able to adjust the tracking detail to closely match the service tariff chosen and the GPRS allowance offered from the SIM card provider.

The device offers similar functionality to the MT4000, but with the addition of extra digital inputs and an extra serial interface.

At a glance

  1. Quad-band GSM / GPRS modem
  2. Rechargeable backup battery which allows operation in the event of power failure
  3. Very compact and easy to install
  4. Customisable script engine allowing new scripts to be created and deployed to specific devices
  5. Multiple analog and digital inputs and digital outputs available


Acceleration / deceleration Yes - dual 3-axis accelerometers
Driver identification Yes
Temperature measurement No
Journey detection Yes - GPS, ignition-wired
Motion detection Yes
Vehicle immobilisation No
Voice Yes
Communications GPRS, SMS, CDMA, HSDPA
I/O 1 dedicated ignition input
5 digital inputs
2 analog inputs
3 digital outputs
Garmin FMI Yes
FMS Canbus No
Configuration Over-The-Air via GPRS, SMS, Serial
Firmware updates Serial, Over-The-Air
Physical characteristics
Size 82mm x 46mm x 21mm
Antennae Internal
Power 9 - 32V DC
Battery Optional 230mAh rechargeable lithium-ion
IP rating None
Certification FCC (Pending)
PTCRB (Pending) 
CE Mark (Pending)
GCF (Pending)
eMark (Pending)
Industry Canada (Pending)