Astra Telematics AT240

The Astra Telematics AT240 is a powerful waterproof GPS tracking device.

Astra Telematics AT240

The AT240 is available in two different models, with and without Canbus and is built on the same technology as the AT110, with the addition of internal antennae and a waterproof case.

It is also economical to operate, with low power consumption and efficient reporting protocols that reduce airtime costs. Positions are recorded based on heading changes, distance travelled, or elapsed time, rather than at fixed timed intervals. This allows for detailed turn-by-turn tracking in built-up areas, but also minimises bandwidth usage when driving on major highways.

At a glance

  1. High sensitivity GPS (SiRFStar IV)

  2. Quad-band GSM/GPRS modem

  3. Rechargable internal backup battery which can keep the unit operating for in the event of power failure (5 hours continuous or 4 days in hourly update mode).

  4. Very compact and easily installed. Two or three wire install options are available.

  5. Extensible, with a variety of built-in I/O as well as options for temperature and Canbus reporting.

  6. On-board geofencing for second-by-second evaluation of defined geographical areas


Acceleration / deceleration Yes - g Sensor
Driver identification Yes - iButton
Temperature measurement No
Journey detection Yes - GPS, ignition-wired, voltage change detection
Motion detection Yes
Vehicle immobilisation Yes - iButton, SMS
Communications GPRS, SMS
I/O 4 opto-coupled digital inputs
2 pull-down digital inputs
2 analog inputs
2 MOSFET digital outputs
2 solid state relay digital outputs 
Garmin FMI Yes
FMS Canbus Yes (optional)
Configuration Over-The-Air via GPRS, SMS, Serial
Firmware updates Serial, Over-The-Air
Physical characteristics
Size 104mm x 85mm x 23mm
Antennae Internal
Power 7 - 36V DC
Battery Optional - 450mAh
IP rating IP67
Certification CE Mark