Service Resellers

We provide a cost-effective tracking service with the flexibility to make the most of the latest developments in tracking technology.

Because we’re not limited by specific devices or platforms, we can add in new features and functions as they become available. And we’re constantly developing and improving our service based on user feedback.

We work with different partners throughout the world to provide tracking solutions tailored to local needs and conditions.

With an excellent record for uptime and availability, we provide a secure and adaptable service.

How We Engage with our Service Resellers

We know there are many different ways that service tracking service providers engage with their resellers. The following describes our approach, which we feel maximises benefit, minimises cost, and offers resellers the best opportunity to build a successful business.

As a reseller, you would:

  1. Source hardware direct from the manufacturers
    This allows you to choose the most appropriate hardware for your client, and to set your own local pricing. If necessary, Maptex can facilitate introductions to many of the manufacturers of hardware supported on our service. Because we don't get any revenue from hardware sales we can be relied upon for unbiased advice.
  2. Source and supply SIM cards
    Again, if desired Maptex can facilitate introductions to Man-to-Machine (M2M) SIM suppliers that offer excellent roaming rates if required. M2M SIMs are generally more reliable for tracking applications as they usually use dedicated access points (APN) rather than the public APNs.
  3. Arrange and manage vehicle installs.
  4. Provide support for their clients.
  5. Invoice their clients for the combined solution (hardware, SIM and service)
    Maptex to not impose any charging structure on resellers.

As a service provider, Maptex:

  1. Fully manage the web-based service, ensuring it has sufficient capacity and is operating correctly. 
  2. Develop the service, adding support for new hardware and delivering new features for customers to use. 
  3. Provide customers with any tools and information they might need for fault diagnosis, as well as technical advice. 
  4. Invoice our customers monthly in arrears for each device connected to the service during that month, and also for any incidental charges such as SMS messages originating from the service (alerts, etc.).